Monday, November 10, 2008

cardboard is my jam

so the past few days ive really been enjoying cardboard.
these are just a few i did the other night just having some fun...

"cardboard trio"

"barrel of monkees" its kinda like that game ya know?

"bout time foruh hangins" self explanatory

"CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!?!" ive been seeing a lot of those can you hear me now commercials again..i hate them..i dont find them funny at all..then i started thinking about the game as a kid where you would take cups and string and create "phones" or "walkie talkie" type things and you supposed to be able to hear the other person..never worked for me..

"simple has killed" collab with robots will kill.i sent this out too him and i just got it back finished..came out pretty neat..

1 comment:

R2F! said...

yeah those cups never worked for me either.

neither did that whole putting a seashell to your ear and hearing the ocean.