Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday weekend with friendly faces

so this holiday weekend i took a flight out to new jersey, to go see Ticky and UWP. It was a very fun weekend..very relaxing an nice to get away from all the things that stress me out at home. before i left uwp made sure to give me some collabs to finish up heres pictures of the 2 i finished so far.i feel sketchy about the "what the hell" collab..but still thought id upload it so when i look back i can see mistakes that ive made.

i got some pretty sweet stuff from them for christmas. Uwp gave me some canvases and a handful of markers which is always a good gift to recieve. thanks buddy!
Ticky got me a Nose t-shirt! i was so excited when i saw it..haha..

i ate a lot of "hoagies" and a lot of wawa ice tea while i was out there. ill be returning there in febuary for a week of fun.cant wait.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

doing nothing but something

today in Michigan we had a humongous snow storm..driving to and from work i got stuck about 7 was horrible..
was able to put up a few sticks tho while i was out..

got some pretty cool stuff in the mail the last couple of days..
- recieved stickers from jshine..really awesome stuff..
- recieved stickers tal te vigila from spain who also sent me some rombillos stuff..
- was supposed to recieve a nice package from me love..but all i recieved was a ripped in half envelope (see picture above) it really saddens me that this stuff happens..i messaged her and shes sending me another thats good!

was going to get a small run of sticks printed today but the shop was closed due to our bad weather situations..

i really dont like michigan..

one week from today and ill be seeing good friends ticky and underwaterpirates...hope this week flies by..


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stick fighter 2

ive been wanting to do this for a long not exactly sure if this is the design im going to use or not..but its just a test..i might do a small run just to see how i like them..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a quick pic of some quick sticks

its been really hectik lately..both of my jobs are getting super busy..and i dont have much time to myself anymore..i did this quick batch tonight..

i really enjoy the television show "pushing daisies"

Monday, December 8, 2008


today i woke up and went to the mail box and to my surprise i got a pack from Galo from italy.
he sent me a buncha stuff.
heck yeah.

a buncha hand made and vinyl sticks..some buttons...and a tshirt..

heck yeah..

thanks again galo!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


these are 2 8 x 8 inch canvanses i sent into a show in germany. one of the canvases goes into the show, the other is passed around the other artists like a secret santa type thing. im pretty excited to see who i get back. haha.

its december now and in less then a month i will be back in philly/south jersey visiting ticky and underwaterpirates. good people. good times. good atmosphere. i cant wait.

lately its been really hard for me to get time to create anything..
due to the christmas season work has picked up a lot. working 2 jobs really is getting to me..