Monday, December 29, 2008

holiday weekend with friendly faces

so this holiday weekend i took a flight out to new jersey, to go see Ticky and UWP. It was a very fun weekend..very relaxing an nice to get away from all the things that stress me out at home. before i left uwp made sure to give me some collabs to finish up heres pictures of the 2 i finished so far.i feel sketchy about the "what the hell" collab..but still thought id upload it so when i look back i can see mistakes that ive made.

i got some pretty sweet stuff from them for christmas. Uwp gave me some canvases and a handful of markers which is always a good gift to recieve. thanks buddy!
Ticky got me a Nose t-shirt! i was so excited when i saw it..haha..

i ate a lot of "hoagies" and a lot of wawa ice tea while i was out there. ill be returning there in febuary for a week of fun.cant wait.

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